BERGAVIT™ effects on CVDs (Cardiovascular Disease) Risk factors were evaluated in a clinical trial:
• 80 subjects
• treated with 150 mg of pure bergamot flavonoids (550-600 mg of BERGAVIT™ ingredient)
• one a day for 6 months.

Results obtained in these studies showed that bergamot flavonoids are able to reduce and control plasmatic “bad lipid” levels (total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides) and to increase “good” HDL levels. More in details, in the subjects with highest bad cholesterol, BERGAVIT™ induced a highest reduction; in subjects with lowest bad cholesterol, it helped to keep it in physiological and restrained levels.

Variation of LDL
before and after 6 months
of BERGAVIT™ supplementation
in different group.

-29% OF LDL